Thursday, December 12, 2013


Sometimes memories are worth remembering.
Sometimes they just hurt.
I put on a strong face,
stretching these wings that had been cramped up,
sunken deep into the blades of my shoulders.
It took a bit of surgery to set them free from
the tissue that had covered them.
The surgery wasn't pleasant -
no anesthesia, no gentle hands
just ripping, tearing flesh,
Cracking bones, searing pain
leaving me bleeding, crying,
and for the first time in years -
I had tricked myself into believing freedom was found on the ground.
But baby, I'm a bird.
You can chain me, restrain me
and I may lose my wings,
but I'll continue to sing.
You may shame me and blame me
I'll take all of your hits
But until my heart stops pounding
A song will be on my lips.
I'll continue to believe that my home is in the sky
And baby, I'm gonna fly.
So while I may mourn for the life
that I thought that you and I
would have until we died,
I'll take this chance
I'll learn to dance
To find beauty, love, truth and light
To live my life.
To fly.

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